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Master of Science in Business Administration

The online Master of Science in Business Administration (MBA) program at VIU enables students to gain knowledge in the core business areas of management, finance, marketing, accounting, and decision-making. The program provides students with high quality, professional education in business administration, thereby qualifying students for more diverse career opportunities. The program aims to provide students with:

  • Affordable tuition with multiple scholarships available
  • An innovative and rigorous MBA curriculum using the Harvard educational approach
  • A world-class faculty with an average of 15+ years of practical business experience
  • A unique cohort model with a focus on strategy, leadership, and teamwork
  • Small classes for an individualized private business education
  • 8 MBA educational tracks to accommodate business professional needs
  • MBA degree with additional professional certification such as:
    • CPA (Certified Professional Accountant)
    • PMP (Project Management Professional)
    • CIO (Chief Information Officer)
    • CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst)
  • Internships while studying within leading US and international companies
  • Strong business connections and working partnerships with top world organizations and business leaders

Degree at Glance

Program Requirements

The program consists of a total of 12 courses (36 credit hours) beyond prerequisite courses. In addition to taking the seven core courses (21 credit hours) essential to the VIU MBA, students will also select three concentration courses (9 credit hours), an elective course from any concentration (3 credit hours), and an MBA integration course (3 credit hours) which will help them transition from the academic to the professional business world. The elective courses provide the opportunity for the students to develop further competencies covered in the core courses, based on their area of interest.

Area # of Courses Credit Hours
Core Courses 7 21
Concentration Courses 3 9
Integration Course 1 3
Elective Course 1 3
Total 12 36