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BSBA in Marketing

Program Highlights

The Online BSBA program in Marketing prepares students for careers in any sector of this exciting field. A wide range of course options allow students to acquire a strong general background in marketing or to specialize in one of the sub disciplines of the field, such as Internet Marketing. Creating a new product or service is no longer enough to cause a firm to succeed in the global marketplace. Marketing plays a critical role between the firm, which produces products or services and the consumers. Within the Marketing concentration, students select courses that reflect their interests, whether they are in personal selling, advertising, or the emerging Internet marketing arena. The online BSBA in Marketing provides students with an opportunity to study the subtleties of human behavior that impact marketing and consumer decisions. Whatever your choice, marketing is about understanding and satisfying consumer needs. Our professors are experts in the marketing, business, and management fields, and they use their practical knowledge to help our students thrive beyond the classroom.

Degree at a Glance

The online BSBA program in Marketing consists of 40 courses (120 credits). In addition to taking the 12 General Education Core courses (36 credits) essential to the VIU BSBA, students will also take eight (8) Foundational Core courses (24 credits), 10 Professional Core course (30 credits), six (6) concentration courses (18 credits), and four (4) elective courses (12 credits). All concentration courses should be taken during the third and fourth years of study. Some of these concentration courses may be replaced with elective courses. Elective course offerings may vary from semester to semester and are subject to change without prior notice.

Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
BUSS 322 Marketing Research 3
BUSS 421 Advertising and Promotion 3
BUSS 422 Sales Management 3
BUSS 423 Services Marketing 3
BUSS 424 Non-Profit Marketing 3
BUSS 442 International Marketing 3
Total Concentration Courses 18
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
MANDATORY COURSES: (7 Courses - 21 Credit Hours)
GEC 101 English Composition 3
GEC 103 Oral Communications Skills 3
ENG 145 Academic Writing 3
MATH 101 Pre-Calculus 3
MATH 151 Calculus I 3
GEC 108 Business English 3
GEC 140 Introduction to Humanities 3
 Total Credits Required 21
SOCIAL SCIENCES COURSES: (3 Courses - 9 Credit Hours)
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
GROUP A (Pick 1 Course - 3 Credit Hours)
GEC 130 Psychology 3
GEC 131 Sociology 3
GEC 132 Philosophy 3
  Total Credits Required 3
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
GROUP B (Pick 2 Courses - 6 Credit Hours)
GEC 110 World History 3
GEC 112 World Geography 3
GEC 114 Comparative Government 3
  Total Credits Required 6
LABORATORY SCIENCES COURSES: (Pick 2 Courses - 6 Credit Hours)
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
GEC 120 General Chemistry 3
GEC 122 Physics 3
GEC 124 General Biology 3
GEC 126 Geology 3
  Total Credits Required 6
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
CAR 100 Career Planning and Development 3
COMP 124 Information Technology 3
COMP 127 Office Applications 3
ACCT 201 Principles of Financial  Accounting 3
STAT 200 Introduction to Statistics 3
BUSS 210 Introduction to Business 3
BUSS 301 Principles of Management 3
BUSS 302 Principles of Marketing 3
Total Foundation Core Courses 24
Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
ACCT 202 Principles of Managerial Accounting 3
ACCT 305 Accounting Information Systems 3
BUSS 303 Principles of Finance 3
BUSS 307 Business Law I 3
BUSS 312 Organizational Theory & HR Management 3
BUSS 406 Operations Management 3
BUSS 407 Political & Social Environment of Business 3
BUSS 480 Senior Business Research Project 3
ECON 101 Principles of Microeconomics 3
ECON 102 Principles of Macroeconomics 3
Total Professional Core Courses 30


Students are required to take four (4) elective courses. The courses can be selected from other BSBA concentrations, the School of Computer Information Systems concentration core courses (with the permission of the Dean of SCIS), or the courses listed below.


Course Code Course Name Credit Hours
BUSS 470 Business Law II 3
BUSS 348 Public Relations 3
LANG 244 Foreign Language I 3
LANG 245 Foreign Language II 3
BUSS 165 Small Business Management 3
BUSS 260 Internship Level I 3
BUSS 261 Internship Level II 3
BUSS 456 Project Management 3
BUSS 360 Internship Level III 3
BUSS 460 Internship Level IV 3
Total Elective Courses 12