VIU Federal Financial Aid Policies and Forms

Federal Financial Aid Policies

For more information on financial aid at VIU, please review the various institutional policies listed below: 

  • Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP)  
  • Refund & Withdrawal Policy
  • Attendance Policy
  • Return of Title IV Funds
  • Disbursement Process (Information is below)
    • The Financial Aid Office packages the student with their eligible federal financial aid
      • Student submits VIU Federal Financial Aid Application to the Financial Aid Office
      • The Financial Aid Office determines qualifications and facilitates all appropriate financial aid paperwork
      • The Financial Aid Office confirms the student is complete in financial aid
    • The Financial Aid Office prepares a draw sheet of eligible funds that can be disbursed
      • The Financial Aid Office prepares data of all aid that can be disbursed for each account for a given draw date
      • The Financial Aid Office submits the data to the Accounting Department
    • The Accounting Department verifies and draws federal funds
      • Accounting verifies federal aid disbursement data received from Financial Aid Office
      • Accounting verifies availability of funding for proposed student aid awards (funds available in federal government portal)
      • Accounting follows instructions required for aid disbursement
      • Accounting verifies the correct fund amounts were drawn by keeping receipt records
      • Accounting enters appropriate information into CAMS to apply aid to students’ accounts
      • Accounting confirms with Financial Aid Office that the draw is complete

Disbursement dates will be the 10th day after the start of a semester or session.

Federal Financial Aid Forms & Worksheets