Transfer Credit

How to transfer credits to VIU

Please submit the following documents to the Admissions Office.

  1. A completed Transfer Credit Evaluation Request Form .
  2. Official Scanned Color Copy of your Transcripts from your previous schools that you wish to transfer credits from.
  3. The Course Syllabus or Course Descriptions of each course that you are submitting for Transfer Credit approval.

Transfer Credit Policies:

When a student brings credits from other institutions, these credits will be noted with a grade of "TC", meaning Transfer Credits. Since these courses will not carry grades, they will have no effect in GPA calculations. These courses meet graduation requirements only. The student's new normal program length will be shortened to reflect the transfer courses and the maximum time frame will be recalculated. Normally, a transfer student would start with a 0.0 CGPA and 0% courses attempted and successfully completed for the purpose of satisfactory academic progress.

As a general rule, a transfer student must complete at least 50% of the credit hours required by their program of study in residence at VIU. For example, a transfer student in VIU's MBA program would have to complete at least 18 of the required 36 credit hours at VIU. This means that prior to enrollment, a graduate student may bring up to 18 semester hours of graduate credits from other institutions and apply them towards a graduate program at VIU (with the department chairs and Registrar's approval). A minimum of a 3.0 grade point average (B) out of 4.0 must have been earned on all graduate-level transferable credits. An undergraduate student may transfer up to 60 credits from other institutions and apply them to the program of study at VIU. A minimum of a 2.0 grade point average (C) out of 4.0 must have been earned on all undergraduate-level transferable credits. Also, credits earned and already counted toward graduation to receive a master’s degree in any institution will be counted up to 12 credits towards another master's degree.

Transferable credit is considered upon the request of the student at the time of initial registration. The official, scanned color copy of all of the original transcripts from higher education institutions must be submitted to the Admissions Department for evaluation.