Student TestimonialMy name is Theresa Taylor and I am currently completing my Master of Science in International Relations at VIU Online. Since completing my undergraduate degree in 2010, it has been my goal to acquire a master’s degree at an accredited international institution.However, I had no interest – nor time! – to invest in on-campus schooling and securing the right institution that would accommodate my work schedule became a great challenge. It was not until the summer of 2014 during one of my extensive Internet searches that I finally discovered VIU Online.

I am a director and part-owner for International Exchange Agency in Jamaica and I am currently residing and teaching English in Japan. Since August 2014, I have also been an online graduate student at VIU. The globalization of technology has been tremendous in keeping me up to speed and keeping me involved, to say the least. I am able to do my work and attend school all at once without jeopardizing any of my responsibilities or hindering my career path. I am currently securing my academics as well as earning substantial work experience in my field of study.

I am excited to admit that attend VIU Online was one of my best choices. VIU Online is well-established and offers accredited programs online for reasonable prices. They offer everything that an on-campus classroom lecture would; however, they offer so much more. I am able to complete course responsibilities at my convenience as long as I comply with the deadlines, I have access to library resources online, I have access to lectures, and I have an awesome advisor. I am able to study from the peace and quiet of my own home or go to a library or a park to work. I get very quick service when I need assistance and my grades are posted in a timely manner. Studying online takes courage and teaches self-discipline, which is always a positive attribute for one to possess. I most certainly recommend VIU Online. Go above and beyond classroom norms!